Grazie, bontà infinita, per i tuoi doni generosi, inclusa la pace, l'amore, la libertà e la gioia, la salute, l'energia e l'abbondanza che scaturiscono liberalmente da me e da me ogni volta che vivo pienamente nel qui-e-ora con te, e lascia andare tutto il mio dolore percepito dalle persone e dalle circostanze nel mio passato, e tutti i miei comportamenti e le mie abitudini nati dall'ignoranza e dalla paura.

sm I know you can only work with me and through me when I'm living in the present, not worrying about the future or agonizing over the past.

All that matters is now; my past is complete, for it has given me wonderful treasures of the spirit to share with others, and my future lovingly unfolds from each present moment.

And just knowing how much you love me and care for me, dear spirit, gives me the faith, strength, and courage to let go of everything but the love, since that alone is my true nature.

As I let go and once again feel your exquisite presence, I know all is well in my world, and that each moment is filled with wonder and delight as I joyfully receive the inexhaustible good you have waiting for me.

Everything is easy when I let go and let you take care of the details, for you unfailingly know, and deliver, that which is for my highest good and the good of others.

Your love ever enfolds me and I have nothing to fear.

You are my constant Inspiration, my joy, and my reason for being.

Thank you. And so it is.

Alexis I. Jordan, ©1995


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