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Panoramica astrologica: 27 maggio - 2 giugno 2024

L'astrologo Pam Younghans scrive questo settimanale di astrologia basato su influenze planetarie, e offre prospettive e intuizioni per aiutarvi a fare il miglior uso delle energie attuali. Questa colonna non è intesa come previsione. La tua esperienza sarà più specificamente definita dai transiti al tuo grafico personale.

Aspetti di nota questa settimana:

Tutti gli orari elencati sono l'ora standard del Pacifico. Per l'ora di New York aggiungere 3 ore; Aggiungi 7 ore per l'ora universale (UT), ma aggiungi 8 ore per BST.

Lunedi: Mercury sextile Saturn, Mars square Ceres
Martedì: Nessun aspetto importante è esatto oggi
Mercoledì: Mercury trine Ceres, Venus semisquare Mars, Venus semisquare Chiron, Mars conjunct Chiron
Giovedi: Sun semisquare Eris, Mercury conjunct Uranus
Venerdì: Venere semiquadra Eris
Sabato: Nessun aspetto importante è esatto oggi
Domenica: Mars conjunct Eris, Jupiter trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Neptune


JUPITER & PLUTO: Jupiter entered the airy, mental sign of Gemini on May 25. Over the next 12 months, the Great Planet will be magnifying our awareness of those areas of life that fall under the jurisdiction of The Twins. These areas include communications and the news, facts and fictions, travel and transport, trade and treaties, schools and learning, the nervous system and memory, and events that occur in our local environs and neighborhoods.

innerself iscriviti alla grafica

As soon as Jupiter made ingress into Gemini, we began to feel the highly-motivational influence of the trine aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, which is exact to the degree next Sunday, June 2. When two planets are in a trine aspect, they work together in harmony and in support of each other's purposes.

Over the next two weeks while this aspect is in effect, Pluto will be empowering and promoting those areas "ruled" by Jupiter in Gemini: intellectual curiosity and the search for life's meaning, the desire to disseminate and absorb information, and the need to persuade by expressing one's beliefs and opinions.

At the same time, Jupiter will be emphasizing and even exaggerating those areas under the domain of Pluto in Aquarius: the drive for social change and progress, the demand for individual rights and empowerment, and a desire to manifest a greater mission in alignment with one's higher ideals.

MANIFESTATIONS: The effects of the Jupiter-Pluto trine in our individual lives depend a great deal on what houses the two planets are transiting in our natal charts, since these will show what areas of our personal lives are being activated. Our individual responses to this influence will also depend on whether we have strong personal transits active right now, since these always take precedence over the general (mundane) transits.

As we work with the Jupiter-Pluto trine, we may feel especially passionate about — or even obsessed with — a task or a cause. The urge to eliminate what no longer works could be quite strong; for instance, if Pluto is currently moving through your Fourth House of Home and Jupiter is moving through your Eighth House of Endings, you may find yourself cleaning out closets and donating half of your old clothes to your local thrift store.

Or, perhaps transiting Pluto is in your Sixth House of Employment and transiting Jupiter is in your Tenth House of Career. In this case, you might feel a strong urge to quit your current job so that you have the time and energy to dedicate to a new career path.

No matter where this influence shows up in our daily lives, its primary mission is to empower us to take significant next steps in our lives, perhaps through giving us the courage to transform or discard something that has been holding us back. During this time, we may be more introspective than usual as we seek to understand our deeper needs and motivations. As a result of going within and then taking action, progress is made both in our spiritual journey (Jupiter) and in the fulfillment of our higher purpose (Pluto).

ASPETTI DI QUESTA SETTIMANA: Ecco le mie brevi interpretazioni degli aspetti planetari più importanti di questa settimana: 
Mercurio sestile Saturno: This aspect contributes to mental stability and objectivity. This is a helpful influence for having the discipline to work on tasks that require concentration. Conversations today tend to involve serious or practical matters.
Marte piazza Cerere: Friction is possible with those we consider family. This could be due to one person's need to be in charge and in control, resulting in others feeling dominated and disempowered.
Nessun aspetto importante è esatto oggi.
Mercurio trigono Cerere: This aspect supports calm conversations within the family or with those who play a parental role.
Venus semisquare Mars, semisquare Chiron: Relationships are unsettled today. People may be more reactive and defensive than usual.
Marte congiunto a Chirone: Old fears could be triggered, resulting in eruptive anger. However, we can also use this influence to take action on a self-care plan.
Sole semiquadrato Eris: There is resistance to ideas that are not self-formulated.
Mercurio congiunto a Urano: This alignment brings together the planet of logic and reason with the planet of intuition and higher wisdom. Benefits include a greater openness to new insights and a willingness to perceive reality from a higher perspective. However, nervous energy is heightened, and our minds may have trouble focusing.
Venere semiquadrata Eris: The need for independence clashes with the desire to be in relationships today.
Nessun aspetto importante è esatto oggi.
Mars conjunct Eris: People are especially assertive and direct, and perhaps somewhat defiant or rebellious. There is little patience with delays.
Jupiter trine Pluto: The drive for social change is strengthened now. At the same time, we feel empowered by a renewed hope in a positive future for humanity. New forms of community outreach are supported.
Mercurio sestile Nettuno: The creative imagination and intuition are enhanced today. We are able to speak from our hearts rather than only from our minds.



Relationships and creative pursuits are highlighted this year, and your sense of well-being could be strongly linked to whether these areas of your life are unfolding exactly as you might hope. If you identify too fully with these externals, you might find yourself overreacting when things don't go exactly your way. This year, situations will arise that will help you get in touch with what you truly want and need; however, you could react more impulsively or defensively than usual, if your current relationships do not seem to be fulfilling those core needs. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Venus, semisquare Mars, semisquare Eris)


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